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100% Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls

All-natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static, eliminating wrinkles. They help to wick moisture away from clothing while separating fabric in the dryer for more efficient tumble drying and faster drying time. Cutting down on dry time by up to 25%!!!

3 felted balls per set. Comes in mesh bag for storage.
*Instructions for use
-Place all 3 dryer balls in the dryer with wet clothing
-Run Cycle using a moisture detecting cycle if available
-When removing laundry make sure all 3 dryers balls are accounted for
-Store in mesh bag or leave in the dryer for next cycle.

*Optional-place 1-2 drops of essential oil on 1 dryer ball prior to placing in heated cycle.